Texas Fine Homes

Every company has a beginning, and Texas Fine Homes is no different. Our story got its start in 2004, when David Stone set out to carve his own path as a home builder in Houston. David, whose time in the industry began in 1991, was already known among area builders and architects for his quality work and attention to detail. When he opened the doors of what was then called Texas Fine Home Builders — a company focused on remodel work — clients and colleagues took notice.

As the years progressed and the business grew, so did the company’s services. In 2015, David partnered with Philip Morrisett to open Texas Fine Home Services, a sub-company specializing in maintenance work. With the company’s most recent addition, new home construction, Texas Fine Homes became the trusted industry partner you know. Whether within the Houston metroplex or in areas such as Washington County, Colorado County, Fayette County and beyond, we remain committed to changing the landscape one dream home at a time.