Humble Donkey

John Lowery – A lighthearted artist, musician and family man, John Lowery draws inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding his land in Burton, Texas. His diverse career includes artistic work for NASA, where he illustrated future missions to Mars, the moon and the International Space Station. Later jobs led him to create pieces for the advertising world. His work has been seen the world over. “I am very proud of that work, and yet I was still painting the subjects and in a style dictated to me by paying customers,” John remarked. “Now I am painting what I want to paint. In my style.” Today, when he doesn’t have a brush in his hand, you can find John aboard his John Deere tractor or spending time with his wife, Laurie, and their daughter, Hope. John is a firm believer that all work and no play leads to an incredibly boring life. He also believes that a humble attitude can go a long way. That’s partly where the studio got its name. Not only does it come from one of John’s earlier paintings, The Humble Donkey, but it touches on his belief in putting himself and his artwork out there — humbly — in hopes that others like what they see. Like most Texas neighbors, we enjoy a good conversation. If you have questions, comments or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Want to speak to John directly? We can do that, too! Email, or give him a ring at 832.200.8230.
195 Henkel Circle Drive
Round Top, Texas 78954
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